Minutes of the meeting

Hilgrove Estate Residents Association
Committee Meeting
Tuesday, 21 February 2017
7 pm

Apologies: Pat, Barbara, Joey Mendy, Nicola, Chris

Present: Christopher C., Andreas, Caroline, Lucien, Janet

Minutes of previous meeting: Agreed

Matters Arising:
Tayler Court – Urination continues and smoking in communal areas.
Farjeon – urination continues in the lift where there is no CCTV.

Farjeon House
• Spring clean will be done this spring in 2017; earlier date than given. There are some concerns with quality of the work and how this will be monitored and completed. We will put together a subcommittee who will give regular feedback to Camden.
• Janet met with Carrie-Anne with regards to the garden refurbishment project at Dobson close. Carrie-Anne will see if the space can be cleared by Camden as it has been neglected for many years. The money in our TRA account will go towards the cost of a bio diverse garden. Janet is still awaiting feedback from the Carrie-Anne.
• There were queries over caretakers’ responsibilities. Andreas and Janet asked the council for clarification. The council placed a description of their duties on notice boards Wednesday. We are concerned that the caretaker contract is under review and at risk. We fully support caretakers as their work and presence plays an important role in our community.

Freeling House and Tayler Court on the Boundary Road entrance near recycling hall, teachers from QK are using this area as a smoking booth. Lucien will liaise with school officer at QK to ensure the problem is being monitored.

Farjeon House and Langhorne Court – the flu from the boiler is too short and dripping on the balcony and banisters causing mould, badly affecting the paint works.
Sherlock Court – Letters were sent for replacement of lifts with no follow-up of an exact date for works to take place. One lift often malfunctions.

Treasurers Report: all in order

Any other business:
• Leaseholders are very concerned over Camden’s approach when informing them over any building works taking place. Costs are poorly explained and consultation time not often observed.
• The March meeting will be open to residents. Notices will be placed in each block.
• We would like clarification of Veolia’s work on our estate. How often should they be cleaning areas for which they are responsible?
• Jevons and Langhorne Court – contractors are parking in residents allocated spaces. This is an on-going issue which needs addressing.

Date of the next meeting: 21 March 2017